Do I Really Need a Commercial Realtor?

The difference between using a Realtor to buy or sell commercial property can literally be the difference of thousands of dollars. Buying or selling commercial real estate is a little trickier than residential property. There are more documents and contracts involved, and it typically takes longer to close. Not being protected by a commercial Realtor can end up costing you time, energy, and money.If you are buying commercial real estate, either a building, lot, or vacant land, having the right Realtor helping you with all the details can help make a better informed decision. Each commercial property will have its specific addendums and documents specific to that property. Making sure everything is signed correctly and that your rights and interests are protected is the job of a commercial Realtor. Any major mistakes typically fall on the Realtor not on the buyer. Unless you simply walk away from the deal most commercial Realtors are able to terminate the purchase and sale agreement if need be. There are different rules, finance restrictions, and laws to protect buyer and seller in a commercial real estate transaction.If you are selling commercial property, not hiring a professional commercial Realtor can mean the difference between selling and sitting on the market for months. Selling commercial real estate typically takes longer than residential but there is more money at stake and listing agents must find the right buyer that is financially capable and willing and able to complete the transaction. Using a Realtor that specializes in commercial property allows you the benefit of networking with possibly hundreds of other commercial Realtors around the country. This gets your property in front of thousands of buyers for more prospects as a faster sale. Many residential Realtors are not only under qualified but may not even have the license necessary to sell commercial property. It takes a special agent or Realtor to sell or buy commercial property. There are certain certificates and forms as well as separate education that must be competed to buy and sell commercial real estate. Check with your specific state for details regarding this as it can vary by state.Commercial property is an animal all of its own. If you are new to the commercial real estate business or have never sold commercial property in the past, you need to be fully aware of your rights, potential profit, and business needs. The a commercial Realtor is not only smart but could save you thousands of dollars either in profit in your pocket or digits of the sale.

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